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Marketing Gurukul

The Marketing Gurukul at TMTC is a unique five-day programme that covers approaches and strategies essential for marketing strategists, practitioners, and executives. The programme takes marketing professionals deep inside the function and is designed to provide the most relevant inputs and includes topics such as Social Media Marketing, Mystery Shopping and Analytics for Marketing.

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Services Gurukul

Service businesses are faced with increasing competition and this has enhanced the choices for the customer, resulting in rising customer expectations. Service organizations are now under constant pressure to retain customers and provide consistent customer driven services in order to achieve customer satisfaction through the overall service experience that they provide. Given the current global economic scenario, it is even more important for service organizations to design and deliver customer focused services and for manufacturing set ups to focus on differentiating on service.

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Operations Gurukul

Manufacturing Excellence is necessary to survive and grow in today’s highly competitive world. However, excellence can be achieved only if organization looks at operations holistically and identify the right people for right jobs.

Manufacturing Excellence is a dynamic ability of firm to build superior capabilities to overcome manufacturing challenges in an ever changing environment.  In this context, the programme aims to build perspectives on how manufacturing processes and practices are getting integrated into business strategy. In addition, programme aims to help operations managers get better understanding of what manufacturing excellence means and a path to get there.


At the end of the programme, participants will have better understanding of people, process and technology challenges in building a path for manufacturing excellence. Leading practitioners will use interactive and lively sessions to ensure that participants understand and learn what it takes to build world-class Operational Excellence.


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