Nov 16
Customer Focus for Excellence in B2B Marketing
16 Nov - 18 Nov
Companies operating in B2B businesses serve a complex set of customer roles (the buying centers)- influencers, purchasers, users and implementers —whose needs vary significantly, and they therefore need to understand the motivations of each. Apart from the diversity among buying center members, B2B marketers also face high risk due to the large size of transactions and investments along with tough negotiations. The loss of one single customer can thus result in significant revenue loss for the company.
To be successful, B2B companies therefore need to form strategic alliances and to invest in intense relationship building efforts with their clients. This calls for 'Customer focus', a shift in mind set and realigning business systems such that the customer is at the core of all business functions, in
order to deliver customer satisfaction. B2B Marketers today need to assist their customers in one or more ways to manage and grow their businesses, and this in turn requires going beyond their direct customers' need to understand the end customers. Gaining this perspective will help B2B marketers offer a more compelling value proposition, one that will help his/her customer serve the end customers better.
Programme Director
Dr. Richa Vyas
Programme Co-ordinator
Ms. Sunayana Kolharkar

Marketers today need to find new ways to provide better customer value that justifies a premium and builds customer loyalty. However, traditional approaches may not deliver the value creation that both the business and customers seek today.
Developing the customer focus that this requires calls for significant changes in the way companies function. Organizations need to realign themselves to customers' requirements, break organizational silos and develop systems and policies in every part of the organization to serve customers better.
This program is therefore designed to help participants to-
Develop a good understanding of the concepts and frameworks of Customer Focus in the context of business-to business markets
Develop critical analysis and problem-solving abilities with respect to business market management.
Gain a first-hand understanding of working relationships within and between firms in business markets based on superior customer focus
Develop customer focus to provide a 'Solution Strategy'
Develop an understanding of how social media can be used to enhance marketing practices
The program will be delivered through a combination of engaging methodologies – lectures; case discussions; exercises; and sessions to help participants understand how to put theory into practice.
Since 2000 until joining ISB in 2016, Prof. D.V.R. Seshadri, taught in various IIMs (particularly at Bangalore, Ahmedabad and more recently at Udaipur since 2012). For 15 years prior to 2000, he worked in a variety of companies (public sector, family business and entrepreneurial start-ups, the last ten of them
as CEO) spanning a variety of industries (petroleum refining & petro-chemicals, bulk drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, precision manufacturing and software). His areas of interest among others include: B2B Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship. He has co-authored several books, developed over hundred case studies and authored several application oriented journal articles in his areas of interest. The participants will also have opportunities to hear from industry stalwarts
who have driven customer focus initiatives. 
This program is designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of professionals working in the B2B space. This includes middle management professionals who have already spent 8-12 years in product management, Marketing, Key Account Management & Sales in such organizations.
The program director will be happy to guide individual companies on the suitability of potential participants for this program.

INR 50000/- plus applicable taxes; this is a residential program and the fee includes course tuition, cost of instructional material / program kit food, & accommodation on double occupancy basis. Full program fee (plus applicable taxes) is payable against pro-forma invoice which will be sent upon receipt of nomination(s).
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation more than 20 days prior to the start of the program will be accepted at no charge. Cancellations 10-20 days prior to the program will be subject to a payment of 50% of the program fee(plus applicable taxes), and cancellations received less than 10 days prior to the program start date will be subject to payment of 100% of the program fee (plus applicable taxes).
Please Note: All cancellations must be confirmed via email to the program coordinator.