May 16
Master Class for Ethics Practitioners
03 May - 05 May
Tata Management Training Centre, 1, Mangaldas Road, Pune 411001
By 2025, the Tata group's mission is to touch the lives of 25 percent of the world's population. The Group Centre and all Tata Companies are collaborating in realizing this vision. The bedrock of all efforts to uphold the Brand and safeguard our group's reputation are Tata employees who believe “Times Change but what is right does not”, based on our motto of “Leadership with Trust”.

As custodians of the Tata Code of Conduct (TCoC), Ethics Practitioners play a crucial role in the advocacy and implementation of the values and principles enshrined in the Code. Pursuant to the recent release of TCoC 2015, and e-Modules for self-learning, the group Ethics Office and TMTC have co-developed the first 'MasterClass for Ethics Practitioners' for Tata companies.

Please Note:
a) This is a rigorous workshop requiring long hours of work and attention, on all 3 days.
b) We at TMTC respect and expect participants to conduct themselves in a manner becoming of a role model Tata employee.
Programme Director
Ms. Radha Ganesh Ram
Programme Co-ordinator
Ms. Shweta Singid

This MasterClass is aimed at strengthening the knowledge and skill base of the participants regarding various aspects of the TCoC 2015 and Leadership of Business Ethics (LBE) from the viewpoint of building
awareness, deepening understanding, and building the capability to interpret and implement practical application of the related knowledge. Enabling and empowering our ethics community members to confidently
and capably uphold, evangelize and follow the “Right Way to conduct a Tata business” is critical to our Brand, corporate reputation and business sustainability. The Ethics Community of Practice starting with Leaders
across the Tata group are called upon to continually build this differentiating capability across each of our group companies. Considering the large number of members of the Tata Family and its growing size across
the globe, it is imperative that each company builds its own pool of practitioners cum trainers who can cascade this principled message to sustain and strengthen the “Tata Way of conducting business” in the world that we operate in.


  • To build the capability of ethics community of practice members (Company Ethics Counsellors / Ethics Counsellors/ Ethics committees) to de-risk the business from possibility of ethical violations/ transgressions
  • To build contemporary and relevant knowledge related to the administration of the TCoC 2015 and LBE across multiple stakeholder segments
  • To inculcate requisite skills as an Enabler and a Trainer, to promote ethical practices in the business as a function of cascading the TCoC 2015 within a Tata company 
  • To enable participants to confidently cascade this knowledge in an integrated manner to all stakeholder segments in a Tata company
  • Priority for Ethics in our brand equity,
  • Evolution of TCoC 2015: Key changes and the journey ahead
  • Role of a Company Ethics Counsellor
  • Challenges in implementation of LBE & how best to overcome
  • Implementing TCoC - 2015 
  • Respectful Workplaces – Prevention of harassment & discrimination and understanding the root causes of sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Whistle Blowing : Protected disclosure mechanism– key tenets
  • Global workforce perspectives. Training & Communication in an MNC
  • Best Practices from group companies 
  • Company Ethics Counsellor: Role for parent company, subsidiaries and JVs (Engaging with the communities & extended ecosystem)
  • Third party ethics help line - How best to leverage?
  • Anti Bribery & Anti Corruption
  • Practice sessions for the participants (skill enhancement)

  • Read the TCoC 2015
  • Complete the e-modules for TCoC for employees and practitioners (Tata World homepage - Information Documents - Guidelines Tata Code of Conduct)
  • Register on Business Ethics Community (on TataWorld – Confluence – Business Ethics Community)
E-mail a list of expectations and questions related to the theme of the Master Class, for which you wish to seek clarification, to Ms Sukanya Patwardhan: by 4 March 2016
The program will be conducted in a workshop mode where participants will co-create the approach to cascade the message of the TCoC 2015. Lectures, interactive discussion, role plays, case studies, videos, group exercises, and action planning are the key learning methodologies. Participants will also receive a tool kit.

Interaction with the Tata Group Chief Ethics Officer 
The faculty for the program are chiefly senior practitioners, within the Tata Group's operating companies, who have significant experience and expertise in the area of LBE implementation.
  • The Company Ethics Counsellor(CEC), Local Ethics Counsellors (LECs), Divisional Ethics Co-ordinators(DECs), Ethics/POSH committee members, and other leaders in the company
  • Business leaders such as Chiefs/ Heads of Operations, HR, Legal/ Compliance, Finance, Internal Audit, Facilities and Business Excellence
The program will help the participants to
  • Understand the business case for ethical conduct and various related elements emanating from TCoC 2015
  • Build an ability to interpret Code guidance as an enabler to implementation of LBE
  • Leverage the spirit of the Code beyond the letter in all transactions with our people (those who work for us and with us)
  • Create a resource pool for conducting LBE training & Code orientation across the group
  • To impart the knowledge and skills to execute the company's LBE initiatives and be the 'go-to' person for all matters related to Ethics and the TCoC 2015

INR 25,000/- only (per Participant) plus taxes as applicable. This is a residential program and the fee includes course fee, cost of instructional material/program kit, food & accommodation at TMTC.
Full participant fee (plus applicable taxes) is payable against pro-forma invoice which will be
sent upon receipt of nomination(s). 

Please Note: Participants staying on campus for the night of 16th March will need to pay additional charges of Rs 2500/- plus applicable taxes.

Cancellation Policy :
Cancellation more than 20 days prior to the start of the program will be accepted at no charge. Cancellations 10-20 days prior to the program will be subject to a payment of 50% of the program fee (plus applicable taxes), and cancellations received less than 10 days prior to the program start date will be subject to payment of 100% of the program fee (plus applicable taxes).
Please Note: All cancellations must be confirmed via email to the program coordinator.
Last Date for Nominations
4 March 2016