Jul 14
Operations Gurukul: Excellence in Manufacturing
02 Jul - 04 Jul
Tata Management Training Centre, 1, Mangaldas Road, Pune 411001
Operations Excellence is an important aspect of today's best-in-class organizations. The drive for revenue growth, search for newer ideas and newer ways of doing things is transforming the manufacturing function. Operations excellence is the dynamic ability of a firm to build superior capabilities to deal with critical operational challenges in an ever changing environment. In this context, the program aims to build perspectives on how manufacturing processes and practices are getting integrated into business strategy. The program also aims to help operations managers get a better understanding of various stages of manufacturing excellence and a path to get there. The program also aims to show how best-in-class companies build their operational capabilities. 
Programme Director
Dr. Rahul More
Mr. Milind Pandit
Programme Co-ordinator
Mr. Christopher Monserrate

This 3-day intensive programme will cover strategies, approaches, process management tools and techniques that will be useful to Senior Manufacturing Managers, Plant Managers and Operations Managers. The key programme objectives are to help participants understand: 
  • How to build operational excellence as a part of organizational DNA?
  • How to build people capability and develop a culture of excellence within the organization? 
  • How to apply tools, technology and innovation to achieve manufacturing excellence and build a lean organization? 
  • How to focus on building quality into products / services rather than controlling it? 
This program will cover the following key topics. 
DAY 1 
Theme: Operations Strategy and Stages of Excellence 
  • Aligning manufacturing strategy with business strategy 
  • Stages of Manufacturing excellence 
Theme: Effective Deployment of Operations Strategy and Quantitative Approach 
  • Planning and managing for seasonal fluctuations in demand 
  • Supply Chain management 
  • Inventory management 
  • Network design and strategic impact
Day 2
Theme: The TQM Way of Achieving Excellence 
  • Quality Management 
  • Product Quality (process control, managing KPIs and daily management) and Voice of Customer 
  • Application of TQM tools and techniques in operations excellence 
Theme: Process Management and Capability 
  • Continuous improvement processes 
  • World class manufacturing systems 
  • Building quality into products at the design level 
  • Future competition: Resources, capabilities and innovations 
DAY 3 
Theme: Execution and Role of Technology 
  • Application of Bradley curve of safety 
  • Technology management and maintenance practices 
  • Managing best practices for operational excellence 
  • Organizational capability and competence assessment tool 
Theme: Innovations in Manufacturing 
  • Business innovation models and higher business performance 
  • Leveraging advanced technologies for manufacturing excellence 
The program is designed to broaden participants' perspective on how to build operational excellence for sustainable growth. 
  • The content is based on practical applications in a dynamic business environment and enhancing excellence in all processes. 
  • It contains elements of case study, discussions, role plays, group activities, lectures, and most importantly – experience sharing sessions by professional leaders from industry.
Day 1
Mr. Jaideep Deodhar 
Mr. Milind Pandit, TMTC 

Day 2
Mr. Sanjay Singh, TQMS 
Mr. Rahul More, TMTC 
Mr. Pankaj Kumar, Tata Steel 

Day 3
Dr. Ajay Kolhatkar, TMTC 
Mr. Prashant Nayak, CEO, YAZAKI 
India Ltd 
Mr. Rahul More, TMTC 
This program has been designed for experienced professionals in manufacturing industries -Manufacturing Managers, 
Operations Managers, Supply Chain and Inventory Managers with 5 to 7 years of experience. This program will also be helpful for managers who work in various areas of Quality management and executives who are moving into a manufacturing operations role and wish to get a jump-start on the process.

INR 48,000/-(Forty eight thousand only) per participant plus taxes as applicable which includes course fee, cost of instructional material/program kit, and accommodation on double occupancy basis.