Jun 14
Leveraging R & D and Engineering For Competitive Advantage
19 Jun - 21 Jun
Tata Management Training Centre, 1, Mangaldas Road, Pune 411001
Technological innovation is a source of great competitive advantage in many industries. The last century saw many individual and independent inventors usher in an era of technological change. Today, organizations compete globally to deliver better, affordable and environmentally sustainable products and solutions. Further, with the advent of global R&D and Engineering (RD&E) teams, the cycle time for delivering these technological innovations has dramatically reduced. Thus integration of R&D, market needs and user requirements has become imperative 
to build an agile R&D organization.

The search for new ideas and newer ways of doing things has highlighted the strategic importance of the RD&E function. The recognition of the value it brings to the business has radically changed RD&E's relationship with other functions such as manufacturing, marketing, and finance. It is in this context that TMTC presents the program Leveraging R&D and Engineering for Competitive Advantage 
Programme Co-ordinator
Ms. Srividya Bhalerao

This three-day intensive program will cover strategies, frameworks, approaches, methodologies, and perspectives to build an agile R&D workforce. The program also builds the perspective that RD&E needs to be aligned with the strategic intent of the organization. The program therefore aims to: 
  • Develop the strategic thinking capability of R&D and Engineering Managers, in order to improve the management of the R&D and Engineering function to develop better products and services 
  • Develop the ability to manage the relationships with other business functions, in order to ensure that the R&D and Engineering functions play a more strategic role in the firm 
This program covers the following key discussion topics. The program will be facilitated by experienced faculty as well as industry experts from within and outside Tata companies.

Day 1
Theme: Aligning R&D Strategy with Business Strategy
  • Weak signals of the future
  • Metrics for R&D Success
Theme: Strategic Technology Management and Analysis Weak signals of the future
  • The S-Curve of Technology Progression and Analysis
  • Technology Trajectories Analysis for next generation products
  • Group Activity – R&D capability and competence map
Day 2
Theme: Collaboration derailers and integrating mechanisms for better organizational and market linkages
  • Building collaboration
  • Influencing the stake holders
Theme: Intellectual Property Management
  • Managing Intellectual Property effectively and linking IP portfolio strategy with business strategy
  • IP litigation and litigation management
Day 3
Theme: Financial Tools and their Effective Use in R&D Project
  • Financial Feasibility of Capital Expenditure decisions
  • Financial Feasibility Techniques- Innovation Killers?
Theme: People Capability and Individual Development
  • Building processes and structures to enhance people capability
  • Innovators DNA: A self-assessment and personal development plan to ensure commercialization of R&D outputs

Participants will engage in interactive sessions and experience sharing sessions by accomplished professionals. Program faculty will discuss tools used by world-class RD&E organizations. The program is also designed to broaden participants' perspective on how to build the R&D organization for sustainable growth. 
  • The content is based on practical RD&E applications in a dynamic business environment and demonstrate integration tools used by world-class RD&E organizations. 
  • It contains elements of case study, discussions, group activities, lectures, and most importantly – experience sharing sessions by professional leaders from industry. 
Day 1 
Dr. Rajiv Narvekar 
Dr. Rahul More

Day 2 
Dr. Gayatri Phadke 
Mr. Subramaniam Vutha 

Day 3  
Mr. Shantanu Gokhale 
Dr. Rajiv Narvekar 
This program will benefit executives who have been working in the R&D / Engineering functions for 8-12 years in the following roles: 
  • Managers involved with R&D / Engineering and working towards new product or process development 
  • Technology Architects and Solution Development Leaders from technology intensive service organizations 
This unique program will provide participants tools, methodologies & frameworks to: 
  • Align RD&E strategy with business strategy 
  • Understand how technologies evolve and demonstrate their linkage to RD&E strategy 
  • Identify defensive and offensive intellectual property management tactics 
  • Leverage learning and collaboration concepts with customers, lead users, and suppliers 
  • Engage RD&E talent within and outside the organization such as partners, vendors universities & research institutions

INR 36,000/-per participant plus taxes as applicable which includes course fee, cost of instructional material/program kit, and accommodation on double occupancy basis.