Feb 18
Project Leadership, Management and Communications
20 Feb - 22 Feb
Tata Management Training Centre, 1, Mangaldas Road, Pune 411001
A project manager is the bonding medium keeping the project together, acting as the single point of responsibility. To a very great extent, a project's success or failure is influenced by the selection of the project manager, who plays multiple roles and many of them simultaneously. The science of it is all about technical skills, tools and framework, whereas the 'art' of it is about the skills in communicating, motivating the team, negotiating conflicts, persuading, handling stress, interpersonal relationships to develop people, and problem solving - with the singular focus on achieving the goals of the project.
However, research indicates that many times, lack of skills are a 'common cause of project failure'; the project manager not only requires management ability, but also leadership skills whether its managing single or multiple project teams, in simple or complex projects.
TMTC is therefore offering this program in collaboration with Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution, our partner in workforce learning.
Programme Director
Ms. Radha Ganesh Ram
Programme Co-ordinator
Ms. Shweta Singid

This three- day interactive course is designed to provide a solid foundation in key leadership competencies and offer an opportunity for a truly transformational leadership development experience.
Participants will 
learn to empower themselves and other team members through more effective negotiation based on an understanding of the differences between competitive and collaborative negotiation approaches
gain an appreciation of the importance of a collaborative “win/win” process
gain a clear understanding of why communication is so important—regardless of how a project is organized
discover how business and personal ethics can influence the leadership style and personality
Leadership and Management in Projects- Identifying different Leadership styles
Difference between leadership and management Processes of establishing direction, aligning people and motivating
Assessing leadership competencies and development needs
Leading Effective Project Teams  - What is a team?
Stages of team development Leading and maintaining effective and productive teams Evaluating team members and coaching as necessary.
Building Relationships - How individual differences effect a project leader's ability to lead
Identifying motivational patterns using Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)
How to be more influential by understanding motivational patterns
Using an understanding of individual differences to help you manage conflict more effectively
Ethics and Leadership - The definition of ethics and the link between ethics and trust
The role of ethical behavior and leadership
The difference between personal and organizational ethics
The effect of the triple constraint on ethics
Negotiating Conflict - Major sources of conflict in project teams
The five modes of handling conflict
Competitive vs. collaborative negotiation
Conflict scenarios and strategies for initiating conflict resolution
Power bases used in typical organizations
How to plan and conduct collaborative negotiation
Leading Change - Your role in a changing organization Predictable stages of adjusting to change Appropriate leadership strategies for each stage Developing a change management plan
Project managers with an experience of 12+ years, handling complex projects and handling different teams – whether at single or multiple locations.
Lead project teams through effective communication
Identify motivational value systems to improve productivity and cooperation
Recognize the role of business and personal ethics in leadership
Utilize a powerful four-stage collaborative negotiation process
Define predictable change stages and identify appropriate leadership strategies for each stage
Create a personal Leadership Development Plan