Nov 17
Investigation: Tools and Techniques
20 Nov - 21 Nov
Tata Management Training Centre, 1, Mangaldas Road, Pune 411001
Every leader/ manager working in a Tata company is responsible for upholding the organization's business conduct, in alignment with the group's core values and in keeping with the highest ethical standards as elucidated in the TCoC. In pursuit of creating and sustaining such a culture, vigil mechanisms and associated departmental investigation/enquiry processes play a major role in ensuring business procedures and practices are free from malpractice. In the absence of this, misdemeanors when not promptly and effectively corrected, adversely impact the brand, affect the bottom line and malign the company's image.
Those tasked with conducting enquiries in case of misconduct therefore play an important role in spotting and raising relevant “red flags”, and can provide management with insights that help establish appropriate internal controls, procedures ensuring prevention, deterrence and detection of future ethical violations.
Programme Director
Ms. Radha Ganesh Ram
Programme Co-ordinator
Ms. Shweta Singid

An effective investigation process consists of gathering sufficient information about a specific incident and performing those procedures necessary to determine.
whether the alleged incident has occurred.
the loss or exposures associated with it.
who was involved.
how it happened.
At a deeper level, this fact-finding exercise hinges upon the principles of natural justice and criminal liability. It requires expertise in preparing, documenting, and preserving evidence sufficient for potential legal proceedings.
This program is therefore designed to provide beginners or early adopters of the process of conducting an investigation or departmental enquiry, an understanding of the basic tenets, tools and techniques of the process and to build the required acumen.
The program will be delivered in workshop mode in the spirit of learning by doing. Faculty will lead interactive class discussions, and facilitate analysis of cases based on real life situations including those beyond the normal scope of audit. Experiential learning, through role plays, will allow the application of the fundamentals of the investigation process. This will ultimately enhance the capability of participants by building awareness, alertness, skills and confidence in investigating a case.
Those who work in in the areas of HR, Supply Chain,
Finance, Audit, Risk, Legal, Ethics & Compliance will
benefit from this program.
Last Date for Nominations
15 November 2017

INR 30,000/- per participant (plus applicable taxes). This is a residential program and the fee includes course tuition, cost of instructional material / program kit, food, & accommodation on double occupancy basis. Full program fee is payable against pro-forma invoice which will be sent upon receipt of nomination(s).
Please Note: Please send the PO details for the nomination(s) before the start of the program, so that the details can be incorporated in the invoice.