Nov 17
Strategic Thinking
07 Nov - 08 Nov
Many organizations are struggling to build strategic thinking capabilities. Our survey among participants of TMTC's leadership programs shows that employees spend more than 80% of their time thinking about today's issues and do not spend enough time thinking about the future. Their focus is on making operational decisions and on day-to-day firefighting, which leaves them with very little time to think about their businesses more strategically. Lack of strategic thinking is cited by leaders in a range of industries as one of the reasons for slow or inconsistent growth across businesses.
Programme Director
Mr. Milind Pandit
Programme Co-ordinator
Ms. Pearl Mascarenhas
Strategic thinking requires a systems perspective, understanding of the macro environment, and an ability to connect the dots to stay ahead of competition. Better strategic thinking capability can thus add significant value to an organization's performance. This program focuses on helping participants understand the importance of strategic thinking, how tools and techniques can be used to enhance individual strategic thinking capability, and how the strategic thinking process can be applied to enhance the quality of decisions. The program helps participants to think critically about various business situations and to learn from them.
Participants will learn the strategic thinking process and how to apply it. In addition, they will get answers to the following questions.
1. How can I think more holistically during my day-to-day work?
2. What tools and techniques can I use to become a better strategic thinker?
3. How do I apply strategic thinking to various business situations?
This program is designed for senior level executives (with at least 10 to 12 years of experience) who are responsible for functional, business or corporate strategies such as BU Heads, Marketing Heads, Sales Heads, Manufacturing and Design Heads etc. People who make critical business decisions in their functions, as well as executives who are moving into these roles and wish to enhance their strategic thinking skills, will also benefit from the program.
The program is designed to broaden participants' perspectives and to build strategic thinking ability irrespective of the function they belong to. The content is based on practical situations that business leaders face Learning will be enabled through case studies, role play, group activities and lectures

AED 2500 per participant, plus taxes as applicable. This is a non-residential program. The fee includes course fee, cost of instructional material/program kit and program meals. Full participant fee (plus applicable taxes) is payable against pro-forma invoice which will be sent upon receipt of nomination(s). Group Discount: In case of three or more nominations from the same company, the fee will be charged at AED 2200 per participant plus applicable taxes Please Note: Invoicing will be done in INR equivalent to AED, at the exchange rate prevailing on the first day of program. GST as extra shall be charged extra in the invoice Payment terms-Within 15 days from the date of invoice Please send the PO details for the nomination(s) before the start of the program, so that the details can be incorporated in the invoice.