Nov 17
02 Nov - 04 Nov
Selling in B2C is typically a short sales cycle as consumers are more apt to make buying decisions quickly based on a perceived immediate need and sometimes even impulsively as compared to corporate sales that are planned, evaluated over a longer term. In a B2C environment, the decision makers and influencers are the immediate family members and social circle of colleagues and friends, whereas, in a B2B scenario a hierarchy of decision makers are involved in the process. It is more common in complex sales that a B2B seller is confronted with multiple buying roles. However, B2C environment typically means high presence of multiple competitors in most markets and needs to constantly adapt due to the changing needs and wants of buyers. In order to effectively cover large markets that may be spread across regions and smaller cities, an organization typically requires a larger sales force and a deep distribution network.
Programme Director
Mr. Karn Bhatia
Programme Co-ordinator
Ms. Srividya Bhalerao

The course content covers four major areas: The new VUCA world, Strategic Thinking and Market Building, Team Management through Efforts and Capability Development, Channel Development and Management The VUCA world
The customer in the 3rd Millennium
  •  The new models of distribution and business 
  •  Who 'can' be our competitor 
  •  Data driven world and the need for data affinity 
  •  Use of data and use of technology 
  •  The struggle for predictability 
Strategic Thinking and Market Building
  •  Strategic Direction 
  •  Strategy and its dimensions 
  •  Sales Strategies– choices and the need to win 
Strategic Effort Management and Capability Building
  •  Steering the Line Managers 
  •  What should the Line Managers do 
  •  Quantity, Quality and Direction of efforts 
  •  Are your managers coaching their teams 
  •  A framework for a coaching process and system – 4 key coaching skills 
  •  Motivation through coaching 
  •  Motivating and Steering the Millennials 
Business through Channels
  •  Channel strategies 
  •  Channel Building 
  •  Channel Differentiation 
  •  Modern Trade as a Channel- Key Account Thinking and understanding the shopper &the consumer insights 
Managing the Markets and Business
  •  Mapping the market 
  •  Red ocean vs blue ocean 
  •  Setting benchmarks for the team to think high.
At the end of the course, the participants will be able to Explore new strategic approaches to business Adapt and adopt new business models in the changing world Steer the sales organization effectively Execute new approaches to both Key Account Selling & Channel Selling for a differentiated performance.
  • Highly interactive and participative learning sessions 
  • Skill, Process and Tool Driven Case Studies, 
  • Concept Application, Group Tasks 
  • Simulations 
  • 4MAT® Methodology Lea
The participants must be handling sales at a corporate level through a team of Field Managers in the domain of consumer products either direct to customer or through a set of channels or a combination of both

INR 57,500/- (Fifty Seven Thousand Five Hundred only) per participant plus taxes as applicable. This is a residential program (on double occupancy basis) and the fee includes course fee, cost of instructional material/program kit, food and shared accommodation for participants. Full participant fee (plus applicable taxes) is payable against pro-forma invoice which will be sent upon receipt of nomination(s).