Sep 17
Creating a Service-Centric Organization
25 Sep - 27 Sep
Tata Management Training Centre, 1, Mangaldas Road, Pune 411001
Services can be an important source of competitive differentiation. And 'service' starts right from a prospect's search for information about a brand, or when s/he first connects with your company through your website, by phone, or any other medium. Customer Service as a function plays a critical role in improving the company's image, reducing customer attrition, increasing purchase consideration and driving cross-sales. That's because, though most products or services are sold once or twice, the need for service emerges throughout the usage cycle, increasing the customer's lifetime value for any company. The opportunities offered by excellent after-sales service are immense as well. They help a company in building its brand equity, creating a loyal customer base, and thus contribute to long term profitability.
Great pre-sales, ease of purchase, and excellent after-sales services therefore provide a competitive advantage at a time when differentiators between competing products and services are diminishing.
Customers today have a plethora of choices available to them, and their expectations are formed by service experiences with unrelated products and services. Due to this, customers are prone to defecting to your competitor at the slightest dissatisfaction.
Businesses therefore need to recognize the strategic benefits of delivering great customer experiences, and must begin to develop an eco-systemthat is customer centric and to develop differentiated services that provide a competitive advantage.
To help our group companies develop customer services as a strategic asset, the Tata Management Training Centre has thus developed a program uniquely designed for 'Service Leaders'. The program will develop the ability of these individuals to re-think their products and services, and analyze where improvements can be made, so that they take away learnings that can be implemented to create value.
Programme Director
Dr. Richa Vyas
Programme Co-ordinator
Ms. Sunayana Kolharkar

Developing service-orientation, and the customer-centric focus which are required in order to deliver service excellence, calls for a methodical approach towards developing a service culture, processes, capabilities and most importantly a 'service mindset'.
The program aims to provide insights into the following elements of exceptional service delivery –
Professionals with 10 plus years of experience.

Rs. 57,500/- (Fifty seven thousand five hundred only) per participant plus taxes as applicable.
This is a residential program and the fee includes course fee, cost of instructional material/program kit, food and accommodation (on double occupancy basis) for participants.
Full participant fee (plus applicable taxes) is payable against pro-forma invoice which will be sent upon receipt of nomination(s).
Please Note: Please send the PO details for the nomination(s) before the start of the program, so that the details can be incorporated in the invoice.