Jul 17
The Art of Business Story telling
24 Jul - 25 Jul
Tata Management Training Centre, 1, Mangaldas Road, Pune 411001
Storytelling is as old as mankind. Every culture, society,business has used storytelling either knowingly or by ritual or without realizing it to pass on its versions of truth, history,cause and meaning. And, we have used and continued to use all kinds of mediums to tell stories.
Great Brands Tell Great Stories… A brand's story is beyond a content or a narrative. The story is not about what you tell people, it is more about what they believe about you based on the signals your brand sends. It paints a complete picture based facts, emotions, actions, feelings and interpretations. In fact it encompasses a part of your story that may not have even been narrated by you. What's more, the ability to retell and adapt these stories to leverage new media options help companies tell their audience what really matters to them. Great brands are indeed greatly in debt to their strong stories.Leaders need communicate and share these stories to inspire talent to excel; to partner with investors and communities; to engage with customers and clients and to grow their impact in the world as part of a global community. This in turn would cultivate an authentic, trustworthy and compelling narrative that is vital to a leader's success.
Programme Director
Mr. Karn Bhatia
Programme Co-ordinator
Ms. Sunayana Kolharkar

The focus of the program would be for the participants to discover their own story through personal branding; develop the ability of successful storytelling with all constituencies; initiate an effective voice for crisis; interact well through social and third party media; and communicate a vision for innovation.
The emphasis would be on how leaders can write their story- for their company and their brand.
This is a core Train the Trainer program. We are looking for developing Story Telling champions from Marketing, Sales, Communications or any other area

INR 38,500/- (Thirty Eight Thousand five hundred only) per participant plus taxes as applicable.
This is a residential program (on single occupancy basis) and the fee includes course fee, cost of instructional
material/program kit, food and shared accommodation for participants.
Full participant fee (plus applicable taxes) is payable against pro-forma invoice which will be sent upon receipt of nomination(s).