Aug 17
Essentials of Enterprise Risk Management
21 Aug - 24 Aug
Tata Management Training Centre, 1, Mangaldas Road, Pune 411001
The World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report traces the trajectory of risks as the world evolves around us. In the past decade, the landscape of risks has become significantly wider and more complex. In 2007 -08 financial risks like asset price collapse, oil price shocks, and fiscal imbalances assumed priority; in 2010 - 12, climate change, geopolitical conflicts, and income disparities attracted attention; while in 2013-15, the risk focus shifted to economic issues like unemployment, governance issues and, for the first time, cyber crime emerged as a risk. Come 2017, involuntary migration, geo-political tensions, data theft/fraud, the rise of nationalism, terrorism, and water crises have gained center stage in addition to the usual gamut of risks that business face. In this fast evolving scenario, risk executives must cultivate an understanding of all the different risks which can impact their business. Given the dynamic, multifaceted, interdependent and often global nature of business activities, they need to have the right skills and tools to identify and address a broad range of risks through an integrated approach and by employing an enterprise-wide perspective.
Programme Director
Ms. Radha Ganesh Ram
Programme Co-ordinator
Ms. Sunayana Kolharkar

The program will help business leaders and risk managers to build global risk management knowledge and skills through immersion in a rigorous but practical blend of theory and practice. The focus will be on management responsibilities such as governance, and a wide range of qualitative and quantitative risks such as strategic, financial, and operational risks will be covered.
Participants will learn how to use an ERM framework, will be able to understand its salient aspects, and its
deployment in alignment with the strategic direction of the organization. They will also develop an appreciation for the link between strategic choices and the nature of risks that the business is consequently likely to be exposed to.

INR 1,12,000/- only (Rupees one lakh twelve thousand only) per Participant plus taxes as applicable. 
This is a residential program and the fee includes course fee, cost of instructional material/program kit, food & accommodation (single occupancy).
Full participant fee (plus applicable taxes) is payable against pro-forma invoice which will be sent upon receipt