Jun 17
Customer Centricity-An E-Program
26 Jun - 12 Aug
Customer Centricity is one of the core organizational values
that drive business excellence and its strategic value is wellunderstood
by the leadership teams of group companies.
It is however of vital importance to build this awareness
among those who are the face of any company - Store
Managers, Customer Relationship Officers, Sales Executives,
Service Officers and others who through direct contact with
the customer, are responsible for building the image of a
company and a brand in the actual moments of truth that
each of them is a part of. For it is through these moments of
truth that our customers will get tangible evidence of our
customer promise -“Develop,Deliver, andDelight”.
To help front line employees imbibe the message and
philosophy of customer centricity effectively, TMTC now
offers this online learning solution that makes it possible to
reach the audience that is right for it, at their locations.
Programme Director
Dr. Richa Vyas
Programme Co-ordinator
Ms. Srividya Bhalerao

Front-line employees such as Store Managers, Customer
Relationship Officers, Sales Executives, and Service Officers
will benefit from this program. Professionals from other
functions with a keen interest in understanding Customer
centricity, are welcome to apply as well. We also invite
companies that are trying to build a customer centric culture,
to nominate a cross functional team.

Rs. 15,000 /- (Fifteen Thousand only) per participant plus
taxes as applicable.