In the last three decades of its existence, Gyansarovar, the TMTC Library, has evolved into one of the finest management libraries in India. It is a rich repository of resources on a range of subject areas - Organizational Psychology,Leadership Development, Human Resources, Strategy and Innovation, Marketing, Finance, Corporate Governance, and many others.

Gyansarovar has a collection of over 14,000 titles, and subscribes to 25 specialist Indian and international journals as well as popular news magazines. It also subscribes to electronic databases such as EBSCO, ISI Emerging Markets and The Case Centre. It's quiet and well-organized setting provides separate sections for reading and for viewing of videos.

Gyansarovar supports TMTC programmes by ensuring that adequate and relevant reading material is available for the participants.

"Membership to the Gyansarovar is free to all the Tata Group Companies."

TMTC takes pleasure in extending the services of the Library to all TATA Group employees. A user can access the rich resources of Gyansarovar by simply following the terms and instructions explained in the user manual.