Leadership and Organization

Peter Drucker once noted: “The leader of the past knew how to tell. The leader of the future will know how to ask."

The leaders in the 21st century are confronted with complex challenges and traditional leadership skills are not enough to deal with them, unlike in the past when top leaders made all the decisions and everyone else followed.

In today’s world, the leader is responsible for setting a new direction, engaging with people, and convincing all the stakeholders that the direction he or she has taken is indeed the right direction. The new leader is responsible for fostering an environment where innovation happens collaboratively and the best people lead a new path. The new leader is also not afraid to experiment and to make new mistakes.

Today’s leader also has to operate in a global environment and therefore must be fully aware of complex global challenges. This means he has to operate in a highly competitive world, deal with new environments, and face new business models. At TMTC, we realise that it is not enough for leaders to use the existing management techniques, but also to think about new ways to lead - and deliver better business results.

The Leadership and Organization practice at TMTC focuses on leadership of business, leadership of people, and leadership by results to deliver a blend of leadership practices to create and develop leaders of the future.