Jan 17
The Tata Group Strategic Leadership Seminar
15 Jan - 20 Jan
TMTC, Pune
The Tata Group Strategic Leadership Seminar (TGSLS) is a specially designed leadership seminar aimed at fulfilling the Group’s commitment towards leadership learning at the apex level. Likely candidates would be senior managers who have a business unit’s P&L responsibility, who lead critical change initiatives and are responsible for formulating and driving the strategic imperatives in group companies.The TGSLS was launched, in partnership with faculty from Harvard Business School, in January 2002 and 442 Tata group leaders have participated in the 14 seminars held till date.

The TGSLS is the top-tier programme in the Group's Leadership Development 3-tier Series and is created keeping in mind the development needs of senior executives who provide strategic leadership to their business. It aims at developing and sharpening the full range of personal and business skills required by strategic leaders in critical roles.

About the TGSLS:

The seminar philosophy assumes that the strategy process extends to all senior leaders who work with key business issues. Therefore, it is designed for a broad array of senior leaders. The design of the seminar has, as its foundation, the three legs of Leadership of Strategy,Leadership of Markets and Leadership of People.

Given the aggressive growth plans of most of our group companies, a common thread for the seminar this year is around sustaining business performance while leading into the future. This thread is borne out by the choice of broad themes that will focus on,

  • Globalization
  • Innovation
  • People leadership
  • Building a performance oriented culture

A powerful ingredient to the seminar is the robust pedagogy that is a unique combination of the Harvard case methodology, lecture discussions and interactive sessions with faculty and guest speakers, especially senior Tata leaders.
Programme Director
Ms. Radha Ganesh Ram
The TGSLS will stimulate and challenge participants to think about their contribution as strategic leaders. It will enable them to develop a new perspective on their business. We are confident that the seminar will provide participants with valuable inputs on the following,

  • Insights into what one can achieve as an inspirational business leader
  • Strategic perspective on thebusiness and the wider globalmarketplace
  • Clarity about what to change andwhat helps businesses flourish
  • Perspective on change management, and how to integrate key contributions to the business
  • Ability to create sustained Business performance
  • Insights on innovative business models that help drive competitive advantage
The TGSLS has been designed in close partnership with leading faculty from Harvard Business School. In the past, the design and delivery for each seminar has been led by professors Krishna G. Palepu, Nitin Nohria and Das Narayandas. The January 2017 batch of the seminar will be led by professors Krishna Palepu and Das Narayandas.
CEOs, CXOs, Senior executives who have a business unit's P&L responsibility, who lead critical change initiatives and are responsible for formulating and driving the strategic initiatives in their organizations.
  • "With improved programmes, faculty and facilities, the Tata Management Training Centre in Pune is better equipped than ever to meet its objective.

  • "With improved programmes, faculty and facilities, the Tata Management Training Centre in Pune is better equipped than ever to meet its objective."

  • "3 With improved programmes, faculty and facilities, the

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