Feb 16
TMTC General Management Development Programme (TGMDP)
22 Feb - 27 Feb
TMTC, Pune
Very often, the leadership journey of a professional finds her/her moving gears from remaining a functional expert to taking on more general management responsibility. This shift in roles is a natural transition and growth that takes the individual closer to the leadership pipeline. The new role requires new capabilities -
effective management of business, a cross functional perspective, and enhanced interpersonal skills in order to manage both upwards and downwards.

The responsibilities that the role thus involves are multi fold, with the individual expected to learn many of the required skills on the job, making the role challenging on two levels -
  • It requires enhanced business skills-an appreciation of the macro environment; a deep understanding of various management functions and the inter-linkages between them that impact business success; and a holistic perspective on the business
  • The individual needs to be skilled at timely decision-making, after careful analysis of various aspects of the business in a dynamic and uncertain environment.
Thus the aim of the program is to hone the business management capabilities of high potential middle-level managers, to help them develop a range of competencies, and to equip them with tools and techniques that are required for effective execution of the organization's strategy.
Programme Director
Dr. Richa Vyas
Programme Co-ordinator
Ms. Sonali Ogale
Program Content 

The program is carefully designed to include modules on key functional areas of management. Sessions are thus planned on –
  •  Strategy- Understanding & Execution
  •  Economic and policy environment- Understanding its implications on business
  •  Finance- Understanding finance and its implications on business decisions
  •  Marketing - Customer centricity
  •  Leadership- Understanding self and elements of effective leadership
  •  Digitization- Understanding digital & leveraging digitization for your business
There will be a focus in each module to help appreciate the interdependencies between the different management functions. An intensive, integrated group exercise on the last day of the program will help
participants consolidate their learning from the various modules, and will help build the ability to take a holistic approach to decision-making.
The various learning modules will be delivered through in-class sessions that will include case discussions and conceptual frameworks; out-door and in-class experiential activities; group work; etc.
The program will be taught by an expert, interdisciplinary team of TMTC faculty
High potential middle managers with 8-12 years of organizational experience, out of which 2-3 years should have been involved in managing a small team.
The program will help participants to -
  • Develop an understanding of essential managerial functions like Finance, Marketing, HR, and Leadership
  • Develop an understanding of the macro environment
  • Develop a perspective that will enable them to see the inter linkages between various functions in achieving organizational goals
  • Enhance their inter personal skills in order to become more effective in overcoming workplace challenges
  • Improve their understanding of 'Digitization', and how the digital world is affecting the business environment and consumer behaviour
  • "I never thought that HR is so important in business strategy. This gives me a good perspective & helps me understand the human importance in the business."

    TGMDP Participant

  • "Excellent class with mix of examples. The case study adds to the learning, they helped to obtained how quickly we can interpret data in a certain way to take decisions."

    TGMDP Participant

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