Jul 16
The Tata Group Executive Leadership Seminar
04 Jul - 13 Jul
TMTC, Pune
The Tata Group Executive Leadership Seminar (TGELS) is a specially designed leadership seminar for group companies' senior leaders. The TGELS was launched in 2002 and 1032 managers have been part of the 28 seminars held till date. The TGELS is positioned as the second tier in the Group's three tier Leadership Development series. The seminar aims to augment the leadership experience of senior business managers and enable them to make an impact on the growth of their organizations. Through this seminar, the participants will develop an ability to understand, adapt, and leverage business functional areas, while developing an integrated action plan for powerful business and corporate strategies.
The seminar also aims to enhance the understanding of self as a leader in a complex business environment. It will enable participants to understand interpersonal dynamics and assess situations intuitively, and make sound choices about what is most needed by individuals and the group in diverse situations, enabling them to enhance their behavioral skills critical for effective leadership.
Programme Director
Mr. Karn Bhatia
- TGELS is a ten-day seminar delivered three times a year – twice at TMTC Pune and once at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.
- TGELS has been designed jointly by TMTC, Tata Group HR and the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.
- The methodology for the seminar is based on interactive lectures, case studies, psychometrics and project work on live business issues.
- TGELS includes rigorous pre-work which requires two/three days of dedicated time. The pre-work may be in the form of a learning session or readings related to course-work.
- The Seminar provides specific inputs in functional areas like Strategy, Finance, HRM, Information Technology, and Innovation from a leadership perspective.
The TGELS faculty is from Michigan, Ross School of Business and TMTC. The faculty are pioneers in leading-edge ideas and are well connected with the realities of Indian and developing country markets. They have extensive research and consulting experience with companies within the Tata Group as well as leading
multinational corporations, and are able to articulate for executives how to translate course concepts and tools to the Group's specific corporate context.
The seminar is targeted at leaders who report to functional heads, or BU Heads (or will move in to roles soon where they will be doing so). The responsibility, at this level, is to collaborate with other functions to formulate and implement functional strategy.
The seminar helps the participants to develop integrated action plans.
- During the seminar, participants are encouraged to develop a ' Personal Agenda" and a 'Professional Agenda' for action on his or her return.
- Participants take up a challenging project that is relevant to the Tata Group and are assisted to take
action and demonstrate the impact of their project to the group.
- The seminar enables participants to adapt and leverage global and local best practices for organizational growth
- Participants build a strong network of peers from across Group companies
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