Three Tier Leadership Development Programmes at TMTC- 

Programmes “by invitation”

The Tata Group has a unique approach for developing leadership potential in the Group. In keeping with this approach, three key interventions are currently offered at critical junctures during a leader’s professional journey – the TGeLS, the TGELS and the TGSLS. These three tier leadership development programmes are by invitation only.

The Tata Group Management Development Programme

This unique programme is designed to develop the leadership capability of middle-level managers. The focus is on honing their people management skills as well their business perspective.

Tata Group eMerging Leadership Seminar

The Tata Group eMerging Leadership Seminar (TGeLS) is specially designed for high-potential leaders who have recently transitioned into roles (or are due to move into such roles) that entail substantial people responsibility. 

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Tata Group Executive Leadership Seminar

The Tata Group Executive Leadership Seminar (TGELS) is a specially designed leadership programme for senior managers of Group companies. The TGELS was launched in 2002 in partnership with the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, USA and 754 managers have been part of the 19 seminars held till date. 

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Tata Group Strategic Leadership Seminar

The Tata Group Strategic Leadership Seminar (TGSLS) is a leadership programme designed specially to fulfill the Group’s commitment towards leadership learning at the apex level. The TGSLS was launched, in partnership with faculty from Harvard Business School, in January 2002 and 382 Tata group leaders have participated in the 12 seminars held till date.

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TMTC General Management Development Programme

Leading from the middle level, in order to contribute to business success, is about connecting the strategy of the business to everyday work. It is about translating strategy into action and effectively implementing the same. It is a challenging role on two levels:

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